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Entrenamiento de Lectura y Reaccion
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Entrenamiento de Lectura y Reaccion

Price per Unit (piece): €60.00

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Coach Rosene has raised the level of what a Read & React practice could be. In just 80 minutes his team warms up before training breaking presses, full court transition, half court offense, linking layers together, skill development, team and individual defense, and more.

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TJ has mastered collapsing time frames and it shows in the amount and quality of work his team can get done in short time frames. In this DVD, you’ll see how he does it.

During the summer of 2010, we held a few clinics for those coaches already running the Read & React. One of the two major themes was Practice Planning – how to implement the Read & React. So, we decided that Coach TJ Rosene of Emmanuel College (2009 NCCAA National Champions) should simply run a practice.

Coach Rosene never strays far from the Reaction Drills and Reaction Habits that run the Read & React. He incorporates them in everything that he does. If he’s focusing on defense, the offensive component is the Read & React. If he’s working on transition, the transition is going to end in the Read & React. If he’s warming up or just getting in shots, he’s always doing it out of the R&R Reaction Drills.

In doing so, Coach Rosene sends a clear message to his team:

This is how we play. This is what we do. This is who we are.

With this being Coach Rosene’s third season with the Read & React, you’re going to see players who have two years of the R&R under their belt, some with one, and some who are learning it for the first time.

This is a real practice in real time – nothing is staged.


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